Self Expression, The privilege to express yourself!

Self expression is the privilege to talk your heart out with your loved one, without having the fear of being judged and evaluated.
Self expression is that which brings a shine on your lips when the sun shines.
It brings the tears of joy in your eyes when your loved one looks into your eyes and promises to be with you forever.
Its that which destroys the differences born out of delusion and teaches you to see yourself with your loved one, thus shattering all distances and breaking barriers.
Self expression is that which gives birth to poetry, the moment you look at the flower blooming in the sun.

Self expression is an instrument to free yourself from the shackles of 'unknown things' which keep you from living a life you imagine in its perfection.
Self expression is all that which gives your being wings to fly in the infinite sky of enjoyment, love and possibilities.
Its all that which makes you feel closer to yourself and to the world.
Self expression is that which like the sun rise on the horizon destroys all darkness born of suppressing yourself.
Its all that shatters the invisible walls which surround and limit you and make your field of living finite.
Self expression is that which bridges gap between your intentions and your ultimate actions.
It is a bridge between the unmanifested and the manifested thoughts. It is like a magician which infuses life to your latent thoughts and feelings and brings them out in its purest forms, thus bringing you closer to yourself.
Self expression is the ability to dance to tunes played by life in a perfect rhythm.
It is ability to sing with the voice coming from the depth of your heart.

Self expression is the greatest gift you can give yourself.