TIME, The destroyer and creator of the worlds.

Time is one of the dimensions of the universe, but surprisingly human beings have this awesome capability of living outside of this dimension of time. Of course physically they cant live outside this dimension of time, but mentally they are capable of living beyond what we call the 'NOW' moment. Be it the past or the future.

And though its an amazing phenomena that indeed mentally we can out run even the spirit of time, but in the end who would finally win this grand battle; we or the spirit of time?

The Austrian economist, Joseph Schumpeter pioneered a theory called the Creative Destruction in the context of capitalism, and i would like to extend his very insightful theory to every area of life, because the fundamentals on which this theory is based is TIME, and TIME is the fundamental of our life and the universe.too.

In the larger context of life Creative Destruction would mean every phenomena on earth and even beyond is constantly going through the phase of creation and destruction. Be it society, human beings, trees, ideas, organizations, and even this universe. This shows that indeed the Time Spirit can not be ignored as its the essence of everything.

Having said the above things, I would like to Put the above philosophy in the context of one of the aspects of our lives.

Why has it happened that we become disoriented more often with everything around us these days. Our job, our partners, parents, children, friends, etc.? Is it a symptom of some psychological or mental changes through which we are going, or is it a symptom of some kind of resistance to change?
I strongly believe that change can never bring friction or difficulties for anyone because change is like a moving vehicle which is constant for those who are on board. Change is the soul of everything around us. I believe that its the resistance to change which creates frictions and difficulties. This resistance is obviously born out of mind and so is not real in reality.

As the pace with which everything around is changing has become faster so is our disorientation with things and people around us. Why blame change for this? And even if change is to be blamed then it wont be helpful because you can not wish it away. As Mr. Alwin Toffler suggested in his book, The Future Shock that, "the disease of change is here to haunt everyone of us, and the things around us have become overwhelmed with change in these years." Hence people who cant cope with this Change will be eventually thrown out of life or the area where action is happening.

Analogically the pace of change has become like the pace of treadmill, where one has to run in order to stay where they are.

So in this grand battle of  TIME and HUMAN BEINGS, we can win, but that is not equivalent to saying that we can defeat TIME.

How to bargain in streets of Janpath and Sarojini Nagar..

I have been shopping pretty much since yesterday and since poor me gets a limited money to spend every month, (the irony of my life is that no matter how much i get, i always wish i had just 100 rupees more today) so i bargain all the time.
I have even done shameless bargaining and believe me, its a sin not to bargain at Janpath or Sarojini Nagar and moreover not bargaining takes away the fun too..

So how do you go about it.......

First of all we must know that as consumers its our right to bargain at these places. If you'll not go with this mindset then you'll fail. Remember the shopkeeper needs you, and you dont need the shopkeeper (even if you do, you have to pretend the other way. hehehe )

Secondly, when you are trying out accessories , sunglasses, shirts, tops, etc at these places, kindly do not be very expressive even if you really like it. Remember if the stall keeper sees that you are happy with the thing, he will immediately raise the price. So just be stonefaced.. :-) (i know this is very hard for those people who love to shop, but then its the question of cash)

Now the third step would be to ask for the price. The moment you get to hear the price from the stall keeper, just raise your eyebrows and say, ye to bahot costly hai bhai, and give your price which is at least 50% lesser than what he quoted.
The person at the shop will obviously say no and now is the time to throw some tantrums.. Start walking away from the shop but dont walk too fast otherwise the person at the shop will not be able to call you back. Start walking away slowly and after 5 seconds you'll hear the shopkeeper calling you back. When he calls you back dont be over excited, but just stand there and start negotiating. Now he'll slowly tank down the price and when he finally agrees at your price, or closer to your price you can finally purchase it.

Finally when you have the thing in your hands, you can show all your suppressed emotions of happiness and excitement and now unfortunately the shopkeeper cant do anything. :-) :-)

Today i tried this trick again as always and i could get a pair of sunglasses only for 100 rupees from janpath, which was initially quoted for 350 bucks :-)

P.S. -- I have tried the above trick always and almost every time i have been successfull. This trick is only for places like Janpath and Sarojini Nagar. Girls specifically can take out a print out of this post and revise it just before entering a stall or a shop :-) Have fun :-)

A perspective of Life!!!

"In our existence for eternity, we become manifested for some time.

What do we become before and after that, is known by the force Divine."

"I wrote the above lines one year back, when i was once sitting in a chair in my balcony and gazing into the infinite universe with stars spread in the night sky. This has always been my one of the favorite pass times.

Last night again i was standing in the balcony and was watching the rain. Lightning struck in the sky and something struck me too.

What are we here for? Whats the purpose of our existence? In this infinite universe, our planet seems like a speck of dust, and in that planet exists life. Just like the flash of lightning in the sky last night, our lives are also like the flash of lightning in this time spirit which spans to eternity. In this short span of our time can we live happily and contribute for the cause of humanity?

I strongly believe its love which makes the world go round. Love is the spirit of this existence. Lets live happily and with love. Recieve love and give love. Happiness and sadness come only from the sense perception. They have no independent identity and so are only dependent on our perception. Change which is the very essence of the universe is a constant phenomena.

"As quick as the clouds change its form, and our world changes with a thought. So does the moment of now!!"

- Anonymous

So lets embrace the entire universe. Lets embrace 'change'. Lets embrace love. Lets experience life it self as it is.

Probably we get only one ride on this crazy planet. Make the most of it!! :-)

Love and regards to all!!!!

Everything has got to do with sex baby :-)

As a student of MBA, i have become more vigilant to the environment of marketing and finance around me. And not to my much surprise i discovered that the basic human instincts and basic human needs sit at the bottom of the pyramid of all the activities that a person does (even marketing).
Borrowing the concept of Abraham Maslow who
pioneered the concept of the Hierarchy of needs of every human being, he said that Physiological needs sit at the bottom of this pyramid which include food, shelter, cloth, and sex! above these needs are the safety needs, then the psychological needs, then esteem needs and finally self actualization needs..

Though probably he forgot to tell that all these needs can also mutually co-exist, and in most cases they do, which is a fact.

Anyways talking about his concept is not the epicenter of my post, though its a sort of a base or rather just a pillar to my post. I intend to talk about something very interesting over here.

Why sex sells in advertisements of products even though the product is not at all connected to sex? we can easily understand sex in a lingerie add and due to getting used to many more ads we can even intuitively explain sex in other ads, but what is the need??

Even the ads of real estate, vaccum cleaner, hamburgers, foot
wear, coffee, ice-cream, mobile phones, milk, etc resort to some kind of sexuality in their ads.

This is an add of Volvo car.. Quite interesting man!!! It says we are just as excited(rather sexcited) as you are :-) The ad doesnt tell anything about the car, it merely shows an errected handbrake which does all the magic!! Personally this is my favorite ad too, and it makes me find more about this car. Also interestingly Volvo targets female consumers in a big way.. But what has car got to do with sex??

The above is the add of Lavazza coffee.. Highly explicit and to some people even vulgar!! But still, the sales are touching the skies in the respective country.. What has coffee gotto do with sex after all??

Its just a burger!!! Why is she eating it in such a seductive way?? why doesnt she sit in a chair comfortably and eat it with leisure?? And i am sure no one is looking at the burger.. Even though i am a big foodaholic i am not looking at the poor burger. ;-) My eyes are wanting to look at the curve which her back clubbed with her waist makes so beautifully.. (rather sexually)

This wants to convey the benifits of drinking milk.. Then why the girl is not showing drinking it?? again a sexual depiction of a product like milk which has no connection at all..

So sex all the time and everywhere!!! Yes sex has got a lot to do with all the things even products which a marketer wants to market.. But that certainly doesnt mean that sex over the board in ads will sell the product.. Just like a good humour has a quality of never being fully explicit. Rather its left at the minds of the people to make further meanings out of it which make them laugh and amused, similarly i think that good sexual depiction in ads should not be very explicit, and thats why i like the Volvo ad better than the milk ad, even though rationally the milk ad should be more appealing to eyes for nudity and other 'obvious' reasons.. The vlvo ad leaves the viewer slightly amused, as it has a tinge of humour to it also. And as a matter of fact i think that after food and shelter and the basic necessities of life, its the SEX and the HUMOUR which sells the most and which humans want the most. Basic emotional requirements!!!!

Marketers understand this... and so they show sex more often than the product charecteristics.. Sex leaves the consumers excited and the excitement leads him to find about the product or in some cases purchase it deirectly...

If Volvo was in India, i would have gone for it man ;-)