Love brings out the poet in you !!!

They say love is miraculous!! I say indeed it is. It showed me a dimension of my own self to which I was unaware. Or should I say that it gave a whole new dimension to me. Well I dont know. But nevertheless it has amazed me a lot of times. I was never a person whose expressions would take the form of a poetry also. 

Anyways. Here is a poem I wrote almost 3 years back for someone. 

In the ecstasy of joy and in the depth of pain,
when the sun shines bright or when it begins to rain.

When the flowers blossom in the warmth of spring,
and you have a smile on your lips because of the joy life brings.

Or when the clouds of doubt descend before you,
and when you may not know what to do.

Here in this life I promise you one thing,
that I'll be with you whatever life brings.

I will laugh with you and I will share your tears,
I will make our life beautiful and will love you thru the years.

So that in the joy of happiness or when darkness falls on the day,
it will be our love, it will be our love, that will light up the way.

3 Response to Love brings out the poet in you !!!

  1. Beautiful! Love indeed brings out the best in us! :)

  2. Advaita says:

    thanks madam :-)

  3. Love is a must enjoy it...


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