The Opening.

So at last i have made a blog. Friends have been suggesting me and telling me dude why dont you make one, and i have been making good and valid excuses of not making one. Anyways now that its done so let me start with writing my first ever blog post.

So what should i write in my first blog? Should it be something extraordinarily grand or just a simple thing would do.. As i struggled to decide, i thought let me begin in the traditional way of introducing myself. Ofcourse all my friends need no introduction, but in case i overcome my laziness and take this blog to heights [lol] where even strangers want to step in then in that case the introduction will be handy.

To keep it short and less boring, I am Advaita. I am pursuing my MBA from Usha & Laxmi Mittal Institute of Management. I am a person with numerous thoughts in my head all the time, running in all directions. Sometimes i get so filled with them, that i simply toss the salad while indulging in conversations. So i think somehow that I will be happy to blog because as my girlfriend says, that you dont have to write about some rocket science in a blog. You can be highly random while writing a blog, and Randomness is there running in my blood all the time. :-)

So here I am looking forward to blogging actively and puting my randomness to some use.

See you :-)

3 Response to The Opening.

  1. Sanchi says:

    Some good piece of advice frm ur gf!!u shud listen to her
    Welcome..and let d randomness prevail!!!!

  2. Thank you for mentioning me! Looking forward to more randomness from you..which you keep bugging me with all the time..!! ;) Proud of you dodo..! :)

  3. Advaita says:

    sure you can look forward!!! i am also looking forward for these exams to end. then i will be able to attend my blog preperly :-)

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