When was the last time you did something for the first time???

For most of us, life continues to be the same unless some external force is present. The same morning, the same putting off the alarm again and again as it snoozes for the fifth time now, then slowly getting off the bed, and going to the washroom to do your morning business. Coming out and getting ready for college. Till then mom calls for the breakfast. Eating it gradually as you have no other job to do in life but to eat. Then suddenly realizing, WTF!! again you are late for college. Rushing towards the college and reaching late as usual.
Studying, chatting, playing, having fun and the day ends and slowly you get towards home. With tiredness profoundly visible on your face as if you've worked your asses off in the college.
Reaching home finally and telling mom to prepare something good to drink because today was a tough day, full of hard work and studies... hahahaha... watching a little bit of TV, reading some newspaper, and heading straight to Facebook and Gmail, where you find your classmates online even before you have signed in. Chatting with them for long as if you are meeting them after some 10 years. Keep chatting untill you drop dead on the bed. Calling your girlfriend or boyfriend if you have one and talking to her/him for an hour or so, and going to sleep finally...............

Ahhh!!!!! A new day has come again next morning, and as expected, the same routine will be followed even this day. We can probably follow this routine for months or years together without even realizing.. Ofcourse a few variations here and there are always there, but they are not even worth mentioning..

So the question is that, "When was the last time you did something for the first time?"

Havent we become a victim of our routine and a phenomena which i call the familiarity syndrome, wherein everyday we do the things which are highly familiar because we have been doing them since years together???

And so our development goes for a toss!!! What if we can add one new thing every day, or week so that from the familiarity syndrome we step into a place where life is really happening, where our mind is no longer on an automatic mode because its a new thing which we are doing so we are analyzing, thinking, and executing this new thing.. Why are we wasting it away??

An enlightenment of sorts right???? so are all of us ready to challenge ourselves and step into the zone of unfamiliarity which means that we will have to leave behind our comfort zone.. Are we ready to do new things rather than wasting ourselves??

As Kahlil Gibran spoke- "The lust for comfort, that stealthy thing that enters the house as a guest, and then becomes a host, and then a master."

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  1. Sanchi says:

    hmmm true..dis familiarity syndrome has taken a toll on our lives..stagnant minds!!but i guess we all learn something new wid every passing day!dats wat keeps us going!!food for thought..GREAT!!

  2. Thought drenchingly amazing..!! :)

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