Incredible India offers an Incredible Delhi!

Delhi, a city which I completely love for its beauty, richness of culture, the fact that you can indeed travel between centuries in a matter of just few minutes. The area of Delhi 6 which looks like some century old broken city, and just few minutes ahead the area of CP which is the heart of modern Delhi. The diversity which this city offers is seen in very few places of the world.
Thanks to the Common Wealth Games which will be happening from the 3rd of October 2010. Indeed after that we would be left with some state of the art and world class infrastructure. The face of Delhi would transform for the good, and at the same time the Delhi Govt has said that the sanctity of Delhi will be maintained. Delhi 6 will still look like that except for some necessary changes incorporated. 
All said and done, one question which concerns me is that are we really ready for such a transformation? Can we keep up with this transformation? Or will we spoil this infrastructure in a matter of few years? The spirit of Delhi, which are the people of Delhi will have to transform. Spitting, littering of roads, road rage, manner less driving will have to end completely, otherwise Delhi will regress back after all the efforts.

"May the young people of Delhi uphold the vibrance of the city and contribute in the best way to make Delhi a truly world class city"

What the Govt is giving us is the Common Wealth Games. What we have to give back is the maintenance of Delhi.

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  1. Komathi says:

    Yea nice post...

    i was in Delhi for a weeks time last month and that was my first visit too, place is jst too Awesome no doubt abt it, but i had to experience the so-called new-a-bee-madrasi feel even though i belong to blore.. Rates of taxi's and auto's where charged so high for me :( guess tht happens to every1 wen ther go visit a place for the first time and tht too without knwin the so-called local language :)

    hoping to visit again :) keep blogging

  2. Advaita says:

    as an Indian i apologise on behalf of delhi..... thats where we fall behind always.... look at the bigger picture... if a foreigner comes to any part of India, be it Delhi or Bangalore, he is charged high.... this is the problem in us.... i hope Govt pushes even stricter norms against these things...

  3. Today we're dealing with metropolitan New Delhi; we're competing at that level, our diversity, that richness of people coming from so many different backgrounds, is one of our greatest advantages. Hope Delhi holds its charm forever. And ever!

  4. Mr. Shrivastava..did u know dat i had no idea about this post of yours?? :x
    Anyways, coming back to the feedback....well....very good topic chosen, an effective start..but what went slightly wrong, in my opinion was, that the post started and it just ended...u know. There's so muchhh to write here...and so many more things that i know, u urself concentrate on, that you could have written more. Thats just my opinion okay..if you like to keep it this way, den no problems at all. And if u wish to add something later to this, then also, ur the master..!! As always, well written..!! Write often..i crave for more..!! :)

  5. Advaita says:

    babes u r right :-) i just got bored in the midway... hehehehe

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