How to bargain in streets of Janpath and Sarojini Nagar..

I have been shopping pretty much since yesterday and since poor me gets a limited money to spend every month, (the irony of my life is that no matter how much i get, i always wish i had just 100 rupees more today) so i bargain all the time.
I have even done shameless bargaining and believe me, its a sin not to bargain at Janpath or Sarojini Nagar and moreover not bargaining takes away the fun too..

So how do you go about it.......

First of all we must know that as consumers its our right to bargain at these places. If you'll not go with this mindset then you'll fail. Remember the shopkeeper needs you, and you dont need the shopkeeper (even if you do, you have to pretend the other way. hehehe )

Secondly, when you are trying out accessories , sunglasses, shirts, tops, etc at these places, kindly do not be very expressive even if you really like it. Remember if the stall keeper sees that you are happy with the thing, he will immediately raise the price. So just be stonefaced.. :-) (i know this is very hard for those people who love to shop, but then its the question of cash)

Now the third step would be to ask for the price. The moment you get to hear the price from the stall keeper, just raise your eyebrows and say, ye to bahot costly hai bhai, and give your price which is at least 50% lesser than what he quoted.
The person at the shop will obviously say no and now is the time to throw some tantrums.. Start walking away from the shop but dont walk too fast otherwise the person at the shop will not be able to call you back. Start walking away slowly and after 5 seconds you'll hear the shopkeeper calling you back. When he calls you back dont be over excited, but just stand there and start negotiating. Now he'll slowly tank down the price and when he finally agrees at your price, or closer to your price you can finally purchase it.

Finally when you have the thing in your hands, you can show all your suppressed emotions of happiness and excitement and now unfortunately the shopkeeper cant do anything. :-) :-)

Today i tried this trick again as always and i could get a pair of sunglasses only for 100 rupees from janpath, which was initially quoted for 350 bucks :-)

P.S. -- I have tried the above trick always and almost every time i have been successfull. This trick is only for places like Janpath and Sarojini Nagar. Girls specifically can take out a print out of this post and revise it just before entering a stall or a shop :-) Have fun :-)

3 Response to How to bargain in streets of Janpath and Sarojini Nagar..

  1. Sanchi says:

    u knw i cant bargain...and so i end up giiving more thn its worth...par i'll try nd follow every thing u said..hope it'll work for me d next time...

  2. hehehehe......guys, i have better tricks...!! come to me babie... :)

  3. Advaita says:

    hey reedima dont forget u always agreed at a higher amount..... u were agreeing to pay 150 for those sunglasses.... huh

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