A perspective of Life!!!

"In our existence for eternity, we become manifested for some time.

What do we become before and after that, is known by the force Divine."

"I wrote the above lines one year back, when i was once sitting in a chair in my balcony and gazing into the infinite universe with stars spread in the night sky. This has always been my one of the favorite pass times.

Last night again i was standing in the balcony and was watching the rain. Lightning struck in the sky and something struck me too.

What are we here for? Whats the purpose of our existence? In this infinite universe, our planet seems like a speck of dust, and in that planet exists life. Just like the flash of lightning in the sky last night, our lives are also like the flash of lightning in this time spirit which spans to eternity. In this short span of our time can we live happily and contribute for the cause of humanity?

I strongly believe its love which makes the world go round. Love is the spirit of this existence. Lets live happily and with love. Recieve love and give love. Happiness and sadness come only from the sense perception. They have no independent identity and so are only dependent on our perception. Change which is the very essence of the universe is a constant phenomena.

"As quick as the clouds change its form, and our world changes with a thought. So does the moment of now!!"

- Anonymous

So lets embrace the entire universe. Lets embrace 'change'. Lets embrace love. Lets experience life it self as it is.

Probably we get only one ride on this crazy planet. Make the most of it!! :-)

Love and regards to all!!!!

5 Response to A perspective of Life!!!

  1. I am of the same view my love...!! Nice post..!! :)

  2. Advaita says:

    yeah baby :-)

  3. You are amazing advaita...!! Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Advaita says:

    My pleasure and thanks :-)

  5. Nikita says:

    yes, change is important, because nothing is static in life and if we don't move where life takes us, we're only rejecting the possibility of living it to the fullest. nice post! :)

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