TIME, The destroyer and creator of the worlds.

Time is one of the dimensions of the universe, but surprisingly human beings have this awesome capability of living outside of this dimension of time. Of course physically they cant live outside this dimension of time, but mentally they are capable of living beyond what we call the 'NOW' moment. Be it the past or the future.

And though its an amazing phenomena that indeed mentally we can out run even the spirit of time, but in the end who would finally win this grand battle; we or the spirit of time?

The Austrian economist, Joseph Schumpeter pioneered a theory called the Creative Destruction in the context of capitalism, and i would like to extend his very insightful theory to every area of life, because the fundamentals on which this theory is based is TIME, and TIME is the fundamental of our life and the universe.too.

In the larger context of life Creative Destruction would mean every phenomena on earth and even beyond is constantly going through the phase of creation and destruction. Be it society, human beings, trees, ideas, organizations, and even this universe. This shows that indeed the Time Spirit can not be ignored as its the essence of everything.

Having said the above things, I would like to Put the above philosophy in the context of one of the aspects of our lives.

Why has it happened that we become disoriented more often with everything around us these days. Our job, our partners, parents, children, friends, etc.? Is it a symptom of some psychological or mental changes through which we are going, or is it a symptom of some kind of resistance to change?
I strongly believe that change can never bring friction or difficulties for anyone because change is like a moving vehicle which is constant for those who are on board. Change is the soul of everything around us. I believe that its the resistance to change which creates frictions and difficulties. This resistance is obviously born out of mind and so is not real in reality.

As the pace with which everything around is changing has become faster so is our disorientation with things and people around us. Why blame change for this? And even if change is to be blamed then it wont be helpful because you can not wish it away. As Mr. Alwin Toffler suggested in his book, The Future Shock that, "the disease of change is here to haunt everyone of us, and the things around us have become overwhelmed with change in these years." Hence people who cant cope with this Change will be eventually thrown out of life or the area where action is happening.

Analogically the pace of change has become like the pace of treadmill, where one has to run in order to stay where they are.

So in this grand battle of  TIME and HUMAN BEINGS, we can win, but that is not equivalent to saying that we can defeat TIME.

2 Response to TIME, The destroyer and creator of the worlds.

  1. Sanchi says:

    u r rite bout change...its lame to put d blame on change...its all bout the choices u make in life...and d choice is to adapt to the change and not curse it..

  2. Advaita says:

    yeah.... its easy to spot an idiot in the croud of people... one who blames it on change and wishes it away all time.. lol....

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