The height of laziness!!!


When girls say that you are a handsome guy and still you are not bothered about the growing size of your ass you can safely conclude that you are touching the heights of laziness!!!

I am experiencing pretty much the same thing these days. People have been telling me dude you are gaining weight slowly and I am least bothered. I have become so lazy sitting at home that even the thought of joining the jym has become an ordeal. Yesterday when Reedima hit my butt with a newspaper and said it is looking fatter and heavier than before, I decided to do something about it.. So today I spent half an hour on the net and googled how to eat and still loose weight! (Laziness right?). I found something interesting over there but then its again not less than a battle to convince mom to prepare that kind of food everyday for next 15 days at least, and moreover since I am so lazy these days, I dont wanna make that effort too.. :-) So again I am back to square one.

As a matter of fact really I did nothing today. I woke up at around 9 in the morning but dint leave the bed before 10.30. Then mom came in and shouted on me to get up and do something.. (You know she cant stand people sleeping away to glory after the sun rise). I woke up reluctantly, got hold of my laptop and began surfing the net on the bed itself. Ate breakfast and realized I dint brush my teeth. Did the toilet business and the rest of day continued as slowly.....

I am waiting for the college to reopen and waiting for the action to come back in life. Honestly. Meeting the deadlines of completing presentations, projects, assignments, and attending seminars of corporate organizations and still taking out time for hanging out with friends is always better. Gives you some sense of fulfilment and satisfaction instead of becoming a lazy bum!

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  1. Well it takes less effort to prepare and eat the right food than work out! Make cooking your hobby and you ll know that its less of an ordeal..!! :) n yeah...convincing mum is any day better than going for a jog eh?? Do that..u lazy bum..!! :)

  2. Anmol says:

    moderator pls close / stop this blog !!!!!:)

  3. Advaita says:

    i am the moderator!!! :-)

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