To pee or not to pee.... What is it with toilets???

Lets talk about toilets today!!

All random stuff.... :-)

Great thinkers and Scientists, we have heard, used to sit in toilets for hours together either on the shit pot or in the bath tub, before shouting 'EUREKA' or coming up with brilliant and life transforming ideas!! I dont disagree with this, because I myself have found that my brain works wonders when I am sitting in the toilet. Trust me the kind of ideas I get there makes me sometimes feel proud of myself!! After all what is it with toilets man??

Unfortunately I dont know much about the relationship which women share with the toilet seats, except for the fact that women watch them selves in the toilet mirror for hours and hours from different angles before stepping in the shower. And at this time the only thing they do is either wishful thinking(in case they think they are fat) or feel proud of themselves for having the perfect figure and having appropriate flesh at strategic places ;-). Though the one thing which I dont understand is that why do women see themselves everyday in the mirror, before stepping in the shower?? Do they expect to grow fat in one day?? hehehe...

Anyways, we were talking about the relationship with toilets.. Yeah as I said above, I dont know much about the relationship which women share with the toilet. But yeah, men share an intimate relationship with the toilet seats, because even the research says that shit pots are the spring well of great ideas!! Probably when you are shitting you are more receptive to new ideas to fill in the vaccum again :-)

Not only this.. Men have even sharpened their sense of humour inside toilets by writing silly yet extremely funny jokes on the wall in front of them when they are sitting on the shit pot or peeing.

Recently while peeing in a public toilet I could not hold my laughter when I read a one liner on the wall!! It wrote-

                                         "देश की आबादी बढाने वाली चीज़ तुम्हारे हाथ में है!" :-) :-)

And yeah, how can I forget about the favorite washroom talks.. Till long it used to elude me that why do girls go to washrooms in a herd. Obviously all the girls dont go to pee togehter, then what is it?? Till now what I could only observe that whenever I or any other guy used to talk to a new girl, she would rush in the bathroom after a few minutes with a group of girls running behind her.. LOL!!! I am sure they giggled how HOT or how NOT i or the other guy was. :-)

Then the second thing which I have observed million times is that if one girl would cry then the entire heard of girls would rush after her in the bathroom.. :-)

Guys talk about sports, about how sexy that girl was looking today, and about shagging and all.. LOL!!!

To pee or not to pee is not the only thing you do in the toilet!!!

There is a lot more :-) :-)

7 Response to To pee or not to pee.... What is it with toilets???

  1. Tujhe bada pata hai jaise.....hehehehe.... :) Nice title..!! :)

  2. lolz this is so funny a post dedicated to to pee or not to pee .I am laughing so much my stomach is aching.Good humour .

  3. Advaita says:

    thanks angel...... though i know i wrote in uselessly :-)

  4. Nikita says:

    god...this reminds of the excitement wid which u guys used to go to 'ashram' ;)
    remember that video our juniors gave us? they highlighted the toilets as our fav hangout zones! :O

  5. Advaita says:

    yeah Nikita.... we used to talk about sports and yeah.... now that those days are over i can tell u safely......
    sometimes me and ankit gupta even used to talk about you :-)

  6. anshu says:

    hehe......You wrote in uselessly yet asked some serious. Why women go in herd to a washroom? Why they look into a mirror before taking a shower....
    I think I can give a food of thought to the former one. Women go in groups to a washroom, because they keep on asking each other "Yaar kangi hai?", "Yaar transparent gloss hai?", "Sun yeh hairstyle theek lag raha hai kya?". If they dont go in a group, then obviously the mirror they are looking in2 wont be there to help them with these questions that they ask zillions of times!
    And about the second question, honestly I think that women like to see themselves without clothes. Probably its because that they have much more to look at than what men have with

    Anyways....awesome write Advaita...I truly enjoyed reading it....And specially the quote that u read at a toilet place. May u find many more....I mean the quotes!;)

    tiu tiu

  7. Advaita says:

    hehehe.... what do u mean anshu???? even men have thing(s) which women dont but men dont look at them selves in the mirror for so long.... :-)

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