What the hell Raj Thakrey??????

Why do you think Raj Thakrey behaves the way he behaves?? An insecure dictator who desperately wants to secure a flawed and a completely useless ideology built by his own fancies. The man (by the way he shouldnt be called a 'man'. Doesnt deserve this term) almost runs a parallel Government in Maharashtra and runs the state on the pillars of his completely idiotic ideologies.

I dont understand how does it make a difference if Mumbai was addressed as Bombay?? Did the sun start rising from the west or did the Stock market crash? But surely enough it created tremendous tremors in his head and he went ahead to even ban the movie, Wake up Sid, in Mumbai. What kind of an utter nonsense..

Amitabh Bacchan speaks in hindi and Raj Thakrey gets offended because according to him only Marathi should be spoken on that land. SRK expresses his love for Delhi and he ends up facing the wrath of Raj Thakrey who wants him to express his love only for Mumbai because according to the ideologies and utter rigidity of thoughts of Raj Thakrey that was a SIN!!!

Unfortunately some where down the line his thoughts and ideologies have managed to trickle down even on the commoners in Maharashtra. There have been incidents where commeners have become incresingly arrogant and their behavior towards people from other places of India is simply disgusting.

I strongly disliked the concept of the movie SARKAR and SARKAR RAJ. Keeping aside the fact that it was a blockbuster and showed some mind blowing performances, it also glorified the existence of a 'Sarkar' which was a parallel Government in Maharashtra. Obviously that was based on Bal and Raj Thakrey only.
How shamelessly has the movie shown that Sarkar is people friendly and has a broad mind and an excellent development plan for Maharashtra which is not true in reality.
Unfortunately media influences the people a lot and this movie has been instrumental in glorifying Raj Thakrey in a flawed way to the people of Maharashtra. This can be destructive for the future.

I fail to understand this person. He is a jerk!!!

P.S.- I applaud Karan Johar for apologising to Raj Thakrey for using the term Bombay in his movie. Its rightly said, "you can not win arguments with fools because first they bring you down to their level and then beat you with their experience" - Chinese Proverb.
I am sure in his heart Karan Johar thinks about him just the way I think, but he satisfied the foolish guy by saying sorry which I am sure he dint even mean :-)
I am sure it dint hurt Karan Johar much if saying a fake sorry can lift the ban on his movie in Mumbai.

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  1. Good post..!! I am glad someone gave some attention to the subject..though it was quite a gossip..!! hehehe... :) No but really.....jerk he is!! I second you opinion completely. :)

  2. Advaita says:

    If Raj Thakrey reads this on google he will surely call for a Maharashtra band and a delhi band..... dange bhee ho sakte hain :-)

  3. The man (by the way he shouldnt be called a 'man'. Doesnt deserve this term)
    hehehe...very well said!
    Great post brother...

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