The Orgasm!!

A bit of anticipation and a bit of foreplay can send you to the heights of orgasm. Isn't it?? ;-) And the higher you reach before the orgasm, the lower you are sent after the orgasm.. Thats exactly what is happening with me right now. The Diwali festival brought with it self a great degree of anticipation for fun, playing cards, parties, dinners, etc few days before Diwali.. All this anticipation transformed into a reality with all the parties and get to gethers happening at my place and sometimes at my relatives places.. All the events happening almost every night and every evening brought complete merry making all around. Then there was the Diwali evening and the night when we played cards the entire night and to add to the fun more dad won around 7 grands in the card games which went on till 4.30 in the morning!!

Today 2 days after Diwali, i have nothing to do. Days have become all slow and boring.. Dullness is the right word!! No more cards, no more good food, and no more drinks.. Guess what.. The orgasm has all ended and from the peaks i have come down to deep valleys. Christmas is far. New year parties are far, till then i hope i find out ways to live high again!!

Tonight i will go for beer with my friends for sure. :-) Lets get high again!!!!

9 Response to The Orgasm!!

  1. BLAHHH...!!!! :) justify ur text..!!

  2. Advaita says:

    teri shaadi arun tyagi se honi chahiye.. he is perfect for you!!

  3. ha ha ha....very funny..!! :X dude..m only trying to make u better by the day..!! :)

  4. Advaita says:

    huh!!!! better???

  5. Advaita says:

    and waise thanks reedima.... tu na hoti to pata nahi kya hota mera ;-) mujhe kaun better banata :-(

  6. yo kill your ego and accept it... ha ha ha... :)

  7. Advaita says:


  8. Anoop says:

    dint understan anythin.. :(

  9. Advaita says:

    never had an orgasm brother? ;-)

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