Picture perfect life!!!!

I have some great artists in my friends. Manjesh is one of them. Everyone who knows him is usually enthralled by his photography skills. And not only that. The captions which he puts complete the pics. You see a picture is just a picture. The soul of every picture is the message which it gives you, or rather the message which you extract out of it.

See the following pic....


The caption of this pic is "A Ray of hope"

In his blog Manjesh says that this pic was taken by him by mistake while doing the camera settings. For most of us this pic is a piece of trash which should have been deleted right away, but for a person who is a photographer nothing passes by without an interpretation which reflects very fast and is highly instintive.

How many times in our lives also we disregard so many incidents and happenings because they pass by in front of us and we dont even live that moment or that incident. As i said above that a picture is just a picture, and the soul of every picture is the interpretation the viewer gives. By the same analogy, incidents and happenings are nothing unless some meaning is given to them.

And indeed, Life is empty and meaningless. its void of all meanings and purpose. No, this is not a pessimistic statement. Its just reality. The fullness and meanings are provided to life by our own interpretations. And the purpose too is provided to it by us. Life itself does not have any inherent meanings or purpose. And just like the caption above, without which this pic would have been a piece of trash, or rather completely meaningless, in the same manner our lives are to be seen.

Indeed the caption made the pic worth. And yeah, just because of the interpretation provided by the caption, its one of my favorite pics too.

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  1. Sanchi says:

    I second dat...Its a lovely pic, very meaningful...and yeah life, its soul existence is made special by our experiences and also by the ppl around us..every little thing makes living more worthwhile!!
    cheers :-)

  2. Advaita says:

    Cheers!!! all the best for your result tomorrow.

  3. Indeed...!! Cheers to Manjesh...for being a stupendous photographer...and cheers to hid best friend...to have found a topic for the blog out of Manjesh's pics and (captions)..!! Rock on creative souls....Bless ya..!! :) Love ya.

  4. Advaita says:

    Yeah honey :-) now you know i was not writing on food as i said... and the previous post was not on dogs.. :-)

    hahahaha..... love you too :-)

  5. Hey Advaita...thanks : )
    Very well said Advaita-"the soul of every picture is the message which it gives you"..cz the beauty lies in the eyes of viewer.
    and yes..life is full of beautiful moments but its just that we are mentally somewhere else when these moments come and we miss them. Or may be they miss us more than we do. So be there to welcome them. Live every moment. Cheers.
    Thanks again brother..you know sometimes all you need is a compliment :)

  6. Thanks Reedima and Saanchi for appreciating my work :) or 'mistake' this time :)

  7. Loved the pic and the post too.. You have very truly said, that many a times we tend to miss a lot of small but vital things in life.. Cheers to Manjesh and you too.. :-)

  8. Advaita says:

    thanks for the read pooja....

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