The two worlds!!

There are always two worlds in which we lead our lives. An internal world and the external world. And more often than not there is a ceaseless conflict between these two worlds and sometimes we end up searching for our place between these two worlds, and since we as people love to have a sense of belongingness with the external world, we manage to find our place somewhere out there. But that is not all! In our quest of finding and establishing our place out there, we try to keep our basic values, ethos, principles, etc intact because we want to minimize the conflict with ourselves too.

In the contemporary times specifically when we find an invasion of varied everchanging and dynamic thoughts  from all around which is the springwell of lifestyles, relationships, and everything around us, we find our very principles shaking sometimes. Lets accept it. I have seen that the principles of most 'principled' people have shook because of their on going conflicts with the external world. And let me make my ground clear over here. I am not complaining that they were weak people. I have examples where I have restructured my principles etc. So i am not complaining. What i am just trying to say that probably they were too rigid and now they find their ice cold rigidity melting away due to the heat of their conflicts with the two worlds. And the conflicts arise due to the paralysis which the 'rigid' principles bring and which render the person unable to live in peace and harmony with the two worlds.

So where does all this put us??
On the one hand our principles are at stake, and on the other hand our survival of living. In the struggle to find our place we sometimes give in to the external world, sometimes happily embrace the external world, sometimes refuse to budge, and in very rare times weave an awesome dynamic and an optimum balance between the two worlds. Its not an easy task to weave that balance.

All said and done I dont have a solution to the above described problem and no one would ever have a general solution. We all are travelling a different journey and our solutions have to be different because the two worlds in which we live are different and unique from the others, and so our conflicts are different.

Towards the end I would say that the basic principles of humanity have to be upheld in all circumstances because indeed they are the life blood of our civilization, but I dont hesitate in saying that the superficial principles can not have a quality of timelessness in them and have to be restructured all the time in a way that a delicate yet perfect balance is weaved between the two worlds, because these two worlds will always exist with people at any time and the best person would be that who minimizes this conflict within these two worlds all the time.

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  1. Sanchi says:

    i completely should be a person of fixed and unbending principles, the first of which should be flexible at all times...great thought
    cheers :-)

  2. Advaita says:

    yeah... flexibility is the right word.. :-)

  3. vamsi says:

    well said..inner world is the true solace for anyone..good one..keep blogging..:)

  4. Advaita says:

    thanks for the read vamsi

  5. very well written.. and very truly said.. it's very difficult to maintain a balance.. yet, the true challenge is to uphold your principles and not give in to the pressures of the external world if you consider them wrong.. have gone through this dilemma many a times.. so, could very well relate to what you've written.. keep penning.. :-)

  6. Advaita says:

    yes pooja... in near future it will be an equally or rather more challenging job as the conflicts will increase,,, but on second thoughts its also possible that the conflicts decrease because as we move ahead generation wise, we would have also graduated ahead in our internal self, i.e. to say that we would have already restructured our selves, or the inner world... BUT the ultimate decisive factor of all this conflict would be the speed of aligning the two worlds, the speed of aligning the inner world with the external one. in most cases the external world will always run ahead of the internal one and hence there will always be a conflict which would be of a 'catching up' nature... in rare possibilities or just for the sake of argument if the inner world runs ahead of the external one, then the conflict would be of a nature of being able to 'compromise with less'...

    obviously the first conflict is better because its always good to chase as chasing forces you to inherit qualities which trail from the external world, whereas in compromising you waste your self away.

    a perfect equilibrium would be when the external world and the internal world are running ahead with the same pace or in other words are constant with respect to each other.. but if this is so, then evolution would stop because this set up of equilibrium is firstly not possible and secondly this ideal equilibrium set up will not propel a change in one of the worlds... i am saying this because for change to occur there has to be some kind of a conflict with what exists presently, and this conflict can only occur when one of the two worlds runs ahead of the other. probably the two worlds will never meet but then at least it will propel a kind of a fission reaction and a never ending conflict which would be necessary for evolution..

    For some therefore this conflict would be welcome because it would give them the opportunity to change, for some this conflict would be too much and they will end up being disoriented.

    suddenly this reminds me of the theory of evolution and natural selection by Charles Darwin.. natural selection stressed on SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.. its so true even here... the person who will be able to survive the ever growing conflicts in future because of the fast paced life in future, will emerge and others would really perish and will be thrown off the fast moving merry go round :-)

    so all said and done.... i think its good this conflict exists..

  7. Very well written...made me think and re-think about MY life and MY conflicts with myself and the world..!! And that is what a good writer is....the one who send people in the thinking mode and makes (no matter how small) a difference in their lives..!! A good read. :) Keep writing...I am proud of you..!! :) N its a pleasure to read your stuff.
    P.S: You should have included the matter that you put in reply to Pooja's comment.

  8. Advaita says:

    that was a wonderful compliment reedima.... thanks

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